Hooli Consults Is Changing The Face Of Businesses In Kano State And Africa At Large

Hooli consults, a firm fast arriving at changing the face of business in Kano state and Africa
 at large. Though an infant company, but fast growing to reach the sky which is only but its
starting point to successfully curve out a remarkable niche for itself and to be globally
recognized as providers of standard world-class services in areas of software development and
technological support for corporate firms, institutions, and the likes.

It is with great respect and gratification that I admit that the coherent and fruitful
 progress and growth of Hooli would not be possible without the great efforts and enthusiasm
of it's very able Founder & CEO, Abdulhakeem A. Mustapha who have in his sheer skilfulness
and bravery against all odds worked tirelessly together with the unrelenting, persistent and
 professional efforts of his not just staff but team, trustees, and colleagues who have been,
 still are, and will always be devoted and zealous to contribute heavily to Hooli's growth,
success and achievements. Eli Martin rightly said, “Leadership is earned.

 You want your team to feel like they work with you, not for you.” And it is with this great leader of mine that I have been able to answer the question “What makes a great leader?”

The idea about Hooli Consults and its intends have been established. Thus, we move slowly but surely to our first ever and wide spreading software, PIPERSOFT. Pipersoft inventory management and bookkeeping is a unique software solution that help business owners mmanage theirbusiness in a simple and efficient way. Pipersoft has successfully adopted strategies
 to respond to business and transactional challenges. Keeping track of transactions,
engaging customers, and keeping profit/loss account are some of the market realities we tried
to address.

We helps business owners easily monitor daily happenings in their businesses, where owners
can easily access PIPERSOFT and see their sales, purchases, transactions, stock statement
 (Items bought, sold, damaged, and value of items in store ).

Pipersoft stands out from every other software used by business owners with it’s dual-storage (online & offline) and customizable SMS notifications. By providing a trial period of upto 2weeks, we’re sure against all odds that our solution is reliable and easy to use. Pipersoft is a cross platform software that works on any internet enabled device.

The goal is to make sure that every transaction is quick and every customer is satisfied.
Hooli Consults is on a journey to make every business organised and to help every business grow.

Hooli Consults Is Changing The Face Of Businesses In Kano State And Africa At Large Hooli Consults Is Changing The Face Of Businesses In Kano State And Africa At Large Reviewed by Mubarak Aminu on 14:06:00 Rating: 5

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