Welcome to Dot.

Dot. is a digital mobile payment service that is focused on making your financial life easier and so much better.

We’re building the next generation mobile payment service that lives completely on your mobile device and gives you full control of your money.

It allows you to send and receive money instantly, buy airtime and pay bills. The account is
 also coupled with a card that allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs and make payment at POS/Web terminals across Nigeria.

How are WE different?

Banks in Nigeria are viewed with as much love as the taxi was prior to the arrival of ride-sharing
 services. If you think they are bad for individual customers, the experience is 10x worse for

We built Dot. out of personal frustration with traditional banks. It is designed to be 
completely different by making our entire experience around your mobile phone and in so many
 other ways as outlined below:

It all starts with the customer onboarding process where we have streamlined the registration
 procedure and get you access to a modern banking service within a minute with zero paper 
works required as opposed to the traditional banks that require physical visits and lengthy 

Remember the last time you wanted to activate/deactivate SMS or email notifications on your account? How about losing your card and wanting to deactivate it immediately? With Dot. your 
account lives completely on your mobile phone where you have complete control over the account
 itself, the services and settings. Activating or deactivating your card, SMS, email 
notifications or any other service is only one click away.

While it’s difficult to receive money directly into your traditional accounts internationally, your Dot. the account can receive funds from anywhere across the globe. You simply give your personal Dot. link to anyone and you’re good to go.

Transfers can be made to any commercial bank, micro-finance bank or mobile money wallet in Nigeria. You can also send money to any phone number or email address. When they claim the funds, the next time you are transferring to them, the money would be sent directly into their bank account.

Saving with Dot. is a whole lot easier too. Pockets on Dot. allow you to easily save for the next vacation trip, buy a new car or house or basically save for anything. You even can choose to earn huge interests of up to 10% pa as you save.

While high and unexplainable fees characterize the commercial banks and discourage a lot of
 customers and potential customers from using banking systems. We have tried to be the
 cheapest, simplest and most transparent banking service. Charging you transparently and only when it is beyond our control.

The Dot. card allows you to make cash withdrawals at any of the over 5,000 ATMs across the country and also make POS/Web purchases. Think of it as the only card you need after linking all your previous cards on Dot. You can fund and manage it directly from the mobile app.

If you are a developer, imagine what you could build if your bank had an API. Our developer API makes it a lot easy for businesses to build on advanced modern payment infrastructures.

Think about connecting your account to an accounting software or automatically triggering an action on sending or receiving payments. We believe several amazing products can be built on our API and we can’t wait to see what you build. Check out our developer portal at

Lastly, we’re focused on making the best banking service in Africa starting from Nigeria.

When can I try it out?
Our mobile application is currently available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for

What’s next?
Over the next few weeks and months, we would be focused on making Dot. better and fixing any
bug you might have seen while using it. We would also be listening to your ideas of how we can improve our service.

Dot. does not have a single physical branch. Depositing into your account is a lot easier as you can walk into ANY commercial or micro-finance bank branch close to you and make an instant cash deposit into your Dot. account. Yes, any bank branch. If you are already banked and
have an existing account with a traditional bank, you can link it to Dot. and instantly 
have access to your funds in it. Did we say you can also see the balances on those accounts
 too from Dot.? Yes, you can.

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