My Year 2018 in Review

After seeing a lot about how the year goes, am using this medium to take you through my year 2018 in the review and all that happen during the year.

The year started with a crossover project from 2017 to the new year, the project is about automating the way election is conducted in my university faculty, after building the first version, me and my partner when and convince the faculty dean in order for us to use it in the upcoming faculty-student election, all things when well until few minutes to the election when everything came crashing and faculty refuses to use it.

But as they say, when one door closed another door open, this is how our own department finds out about us and give us chance to use it for the departmental student election, which when perfect and it was a huge success.

Fast forward to May, when I had my first opportunity to contribute to the developer community in my city, by serving as co-lead in the Google developer group Kaduna chapter, my first tech event was Google I/O Extended and I spoke at the event on introduction to firebase.
In the same month, I got accepted into Google Africa scholarship first around and I did not make to the second round.

In June, My first tech job as software developer rolled in, and I was given the opportunity to work remotely, which I was very happy, in the sense that I can work while I am still in school.
I when to the office in Abuja and spend one week, trying to understand how the teamwork and what my roles and responsibilities are.

July rolled in and I continue working with the company remotely and started building the second version of the e-voting software using Laravel and vue.js as a side project.
In the same month, a presentation was made to the university management about using the software for the general student union government election which later they did not use for the reason known to them.

August rolled in, at the company I was working, we started working on a new project, this time around, it is a Fintech solution that allows individuals and companies to make single and bulk payment disbursement and schedule transfer, this is a project we have been working on, since then until this moment.

In November a had another opportunity to hold a study jam on flutter, the new cross-platform mobile app development library from Google, we run the study for three days, where we had a facilitator that took us through the fundamentals of flutter and guide through the development of our first mobile app(for most of us that attended the study jam).

In the same month of November, I take part in organizing the biggest developer event called Devfest north-west 2018, where we had over 200 developer and aspiring developer in one hall, actually.
Through 2018, I was able to improve my Laravel skills and learn the following technologies
  • Javascript ES6 feature
  • vue.js
  • firebase
  • flutter
The year has been filled with a lot of lessons, ups and down, but faith and consistency keep me going.
Looking forward to 2019 with hope and faith that all things will work out as plan…

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