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Building Your Startup The Lean Way.


Building a tech startup is not something you can wake up in the morning and open a shop and wait for customers, it all start with idea that solves a specific problem of your customer.

” Business serve as link that connects your product value with your target customers

As you are building your startup it important that you work with the learn methodology so as to know the right way to navigate your venture to success.

The lean startup came up with three strategies of building a successful startup which are Build, Measure and learns

In this post, we are going to see how you can apply this strategy to your startup.


When you got ideas on how to solve a particular problem, set out and build a basic feature of the product(MVC) and get it out to your ideas customers.

This way you will be able to quickly test your ideas and see what work and what do not work, there are many ways to build your ideas even if you are not a technical person, is your product going to be built on the web technology, worry no more as you can pick up a free WordPress and build anything on it.

I mean, most of this thing are not like rocket science that will take you years to learn if you are determined to test your ideas you can build a simple version of your ideas using WordPress.the good thing about learning is that you can learn anything online for almost free.

The good thing about learning is that you can learn anything online for almost free.

“Remember you lost  100%, actions you don’t take”

* Measure

Before you measure the how your users are responding to your product, you need to understand what you want to measure.

So let say you are building a ticketing platform that allows football viewers purchase a ticket to watch matches at their preferred viewing center in your city.

now from the idea, I guess your main matrices you will be measuring is a number of tickets purchased and the number viewing center that sign up on the platform. after you have built the first version of your ideas, the next thing is to measure how your ideal users are responding to the product.

At this stage, you will get to understand a lot of things about your product, what is working and what is not.

Different users will respond in various ways to your product and keep track of all the matrices you are getting from the early users of your product. promote it to your target audience and measure their response.

The are different online tools you can use to measure this response such as google analytics, google webmaster tools and other paid service that give real time update about your user’s interactions with your product.


After you have all this data and metrics about how your ideas users interact with your product.the next line of action is to learn from matric and implement what you have learned and iterate the process again.

The next line of action is to learn from matric and implement what you have learned and iterate the development process again.

At this point, you will see a lot of things that do not work base on your plan and you will discover other things that your users want.

Now it time to look through the metrics and figure out your target user want and tweak your product to their need.

This is the basic essence of learning from the matrices.

You have completed the lean startup loop, took what you have learned and put back into your product development process and com up with something that your users want and took it to the market.

The faster you are able to complete this loop, the earlier you can validate your startup ideas and scale your business.


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