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My Name is Mubarak M. Aminu, i am the blogger behind this fast growing blog, i guess you are intrested in promoting your business on this blog, that is why you are right on this page.

Techarewa Blog is the right place to promote your products, services, startup's and other business activities such as press release about your new product.
Trust me, Google loves content which is why it's has more advantage than just banner advertising. Your sponsor post with will include a link back to your website, contact information, inbound image link to your product page on your website and your bio.

Here are sponsor post we have published on this blog
How to Buy Your First Musical Instrument

Sponsor post can be inform of videos, articles, press release, interview or testimony of your satisfied
Sponsor post cost N10,000 per Article and it's goes live the moment payment is made

Benefit you stand to get
  1. your sponsor post will be our feature post for complete one month which means it will stick to our home page both on desktop and mobile view as our blog template is responsive enough to do that.
  2.  Your post will for ever remain on this blog as far as this blog is in existence, which essentially mean you article will grow as our blog got  bigger day by day.
  3. Your post will be share on our social media pages constantly
Send us a mail at Mubarakaminu340@gmail(.)com or use the contact form on the home with  SPONSOR POST as the subject of the mail.

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    I need post on your site; http://www.techarewa.com/

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